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Robust and Durable

Ni-Cd technology has been around for decades and it is a very reliable battery. Ronda and JB Battery has been manufacturing these batteries for decades and the battery we produce is one of the most robust and durable. Kuwait The battery we produce is one of the best in terms of high temperature performance.


JB Battery has been distributing these cells for many years and we have a track record in Australia like no other battery companies. Due to our relationship with our manufacturer, we are able to provide the best quality product to our customers and the best immediately support to all technical and non-technical issues. We have been supplying to some of Australia’s largest companies for more than a decade.

International Certified

All the batteries have been internationally certified by all major standard agencies. We are one of the few manufacturers in China that hold all these certifications.

We are Reputable NI-CD Battery Suppliers

It was Waldemar Jungner of Sweden who created Nickel-Cadmium batteries in 1899 which became one of the first rechargeable power sources available. They are currently available in multiple sizes and capacities. When you compare Ni-Cd battery cells to other rechargeable sources, they provide an adequate return in terms of life cycle and perform exceptionally by keeping temperatures low. Perhaps the primary advantage of using Ni-Cd batteries is that it offers its complete capacity at incredibly high rates. If you’re searching for reliable Ni-Cd battery suppliers, JB Battery should be the first name on your list. We stock a wide range of products that are useful for emergency lighting and related power supplies.

Benefits of Using an NI-CD Battery Pack

There was a time when the Nickel Cadmium battery was king. It powered almost every portable item such as power tools, cordless telephones, radio controls, photography equipment and other electronic devices. The chemistry behind these batteries is impressive and practical, which makes them unique, strong and versatile.

  • Ni-Cd batteries for sale may have a higher initial cost than some of its counterparts. Still, when you consider the duration of service it provides, it’s undoubtedly a cost-effective energy solution. These batteries can survive numerous charge and discharge cycles before they eventually perish. When you consider the number of dollars you spend per charge, you’ll find that these batteries are well worth its price tag. 

  • The ultimate task of batteries is to power up an object. Ni-Cd batteries do the job efficiently and better than other batteries. They have one of the most extensive capacity ratings, especially when you consider its weight and size. Based solely on weight, Ni-Cd batteries supply more power without damaging itself than any other option. As a result, manufacturers around the globe prefer using it in high-powered devices that can’t accommodate the weight and size of a car battery.

  • Apart from supplying your electronic device with a constant dose of power, Ni-Cd cells are exceedingly durable, even outdoors. You can use these batteries in adverse weather conditions and still receive maximum output. You don’t have to worry about overcharging or undercharging Ni-Cd batteries, and you could leave them unused for years. It only requires a high current pulse to return to operating condition. 

Tips for Maintaining NI-CD Battery Cells

The method of servicing Ni-Cd batteries is significantly different to other battery types. You must handle it in a separate space away from anything containing acid. Always use protective equipment such as rubber gloves and goggles when you’re handling Ni-Cd cells. If there is any exposure to an electrolyte, you must immediately wash it with water or vinegar. 

  • Generally, you can service Ni-Cd batteries regularly to ensure maximum capacity. If you find that the battery is completely discharged, some cells may end up charging in the reverse order and won’t retain a full charge. In this case, you must balance each cell before recharging.

  • Ni-Cd batteries aren’t dangerous and can withstand any physical damage such as a puncture. However, you should still handle it with care as you wouldn’t want the potassium hydroxide to leak out. If it comes into contact with the skin, it may cause a burning sensation. Avoid any contact with the inner parts of the Ni-Cd replacement cells.

  • We recommend that you slow charge new batteries for between 16 to 24-hours before putting it to use. As a result, all the cells are at an equal level of charge, which is essential because the cells can discharge at their own rate. Additionally, after a dormant storage period, the electrolyte sinks to the bottom of the cells and the slow charge helps to distribute the electrolyte and ensure there are no dry spots on the separator.

Interesting Facts About a NI-CD Battery 

These batteries are available in all the standard sizes and other options to create battery packs. The battery size dictates the maximum discharge rate while in a typical AA-size battery, the rate is approximately 1.8-Amps while a D-size battery can achieve a rate as high as 3.5-Amps. As such, there are always niche electronic objects that require the level of power that Ni-Cd batteries supply. 

  • Ni-Cd batteries have a strong, constant voltage of 1.2-Volts which they supply to a device. Other batteries have terminal voltage which slowly decreases along with the capacity and negatively affects its ability to power up an appliance, even though it has some kind of capacity. 

  • Waiting for batteries to recharge is frustrating; however, on average Ni-Cd batteries charge faster than any of its counterparts. It can handle the current easily, and if you wanted to use these batteries immediately after racing your radio control aeroplane, you wouldn’t have to wait long for them to recharge. 

  • Ni-Cd batteries contain Cadmium which is a highly toxic metal. As a result, you should never open, burn or throw them in the trash. It is perfectly safe to use as long as you keep them sealed and not drastically overcharged. If you can adhere to these factors, Ni-Cd batteries should last you more than one thousand charge cycles. 

What to Expect from JB Battery Regarding a NI-CD Battery Pack

When you think of batteries, our name immediately pops up as a reputable supplier to businesses all around Australia and New Zealand. As a local company, we are proud to be producing our brand of batteries as well as other brands, including being the sole distributor of the Rhonda Battery from China.

  • You will find our products on numerous emergency lighting systems for commercial, industrial and residential use. We supply several large emergency lighting manufacturers who have trusted us based on the certifications our products have gained such as IEC, UL, CE and C-Tick. To ensure our batteries are more efficient over a more extended period, we focus on its true capacity and high-temperature specifications.

  • We can provide complete supply chain services, starting with research and development for the products you require. Our team can take care of the logistics, whether domestic or off-shore. We’ll provide you with adequate technical support in terms of carrying out the relevant tests for certification. If you can design a battery pack, we can customise it accordingly regardless of the shape. 

  • For your convenience, we stock and supply our products in our online store. It’s never been easier to purchase batteries for your emergency lighting system. Simply click on the products you require, add it to your cart and use one of several payment methods to finalise your order. We offer free shipping for all orders over $300 and a $10 flat rate for other purchases.

About JB Battery

We have had the privilege of supplying battery cells and packs to businesses and retailers for over 20 years. From an Ni-Cd battery to Ni-MH and Li-ion, we are the only supplier of high-quality products. We’re proud to be one of the first companies to possess all the necessary certifications relating to energy storage.

We supply solutions regardless of the size that you require. Whether it’s a single unit to several pallets, the relationship we have with our partners enable us to deliver results. We are pleased to be involved in the research and development of greener, efficient energy-saving batteries to help conserve the environment. We’d love for you to email or call us and find the appropriate battery solution for you.