Compare with SLA LiFePO4 cased packs are more efficient in storing and using of power.  A LiFePO4 pack of the same size to a SLA will hold up to twice as much power. It will be up to 3 times as light and up to 3 times more long life.

Wide Applications Usage

JB Battery and Ronda Battery has spent a lot of time and effort in research and development in our labs as well as with our customers to allow the new LiFePO4 packs to be able to adapt to existing SLA designed applications. It would be convenient for users to buy and switch without having to change any circuitry in the application.

Depth of Discharge 100%

Unlike SLA, LiFePO4 has a 100% discharge depth and will not affect the performance of the battery or its life expectancy. LiFePO4 also don’t have conversation lost unlike the SLA which has about 70%-80% lost in capacity so you will need to get a bigger capacity battery to meet the requirement you need.

Long Life

Over 2000 cycles and very low self-discharge, LiFePO4 batteries will give you a long lasting solution for your applications with very low ongoing maintenance requirement. LiFePO4 will give you peace of mind for many years.

Environmental benefits

Li-ion is very environmentally friendly. It is very much biodegradable and even landed up in land field it will not be harmful to the environment. Plus due to non-toxic chemical used in these batteries, it does not cause harmful wastes during its production.

Internationally Certified

All the batteries have been internationally certified by all major standard agencies. We are one of the few manufacturers in China that hold all these certifications.

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