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Depth of Discharge 100%

Unlike SLA, LiFePO4 has a 100% discharge depth and will not affect the performance of the battery or its life expectancy. LiFePO4 also don’t have conversation lost unlike the SLA which has about 70%-80% lost in capacity so you will need to get a bigger capacity battery to meet the requirement you need.


Compare with SLA LiFePO4 cased packs are more efficient in storing and using of power.  A LiFePO4 pack of the same size to a SLA will hold up to twice as much power. It will be up to 3 times as light and up to 3 times more long life.

Environmental Benefits

Over 2000 cycles and very low self-discharge, LiFePO4 batteries will give you a long lasting solution for your applications with very low ongoing maintenance requirement. LiFePO4 will give you peace of mind for many years.

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