Emergency Lighting Battery Packs That Keep Your Lights Shining

When artificial lighting fails, it is essential for an emergency lighting battery to kick in to generate a certain level of illumination for your building. JB Battery offers a range of high quality emergency light batteries for new and existing applications to suit your requirements.

The Benefits of Installing an Emergency Lighting Battery Pack 

Downtime in a business can be costly, luckily you can avoid blackout downtime by installing emergency lighting in your home or office.

  • In the event of a crisis, batteries for emergency lights play a significant role in the safety of the building occupants, as they will keep the necessary lights on throughout the duration of the outage. These emergency lights assist with evacuation procedures, ensuring a safe and timely exit from the building.

  • People tend to be calmer during a crisis if emergency lights are present, and they can see where to go. Hallways and stairwells remain illuminated, and exit signs are visible. Alternatively, manufacturing processes can continue unhindered with sufficient backup batteries in place.

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  • First responders are not familiar with the layout of your building and will find it difficult to move through a dimly lit area. Emergency lights can cut through the haze of darkness and smoke, assisting them in completing their job quickly.

What You Can Expect From JB Battery Regarding Emergency Light Batteries

For twenty years we have been, and continue to be, a trusted supplier of Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh and Li-On battery cells. We are Australian owned and operated and supply Australia and New Zealand wide.

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  • Our supply chain allows us to arrange our own domestic and off-shore logistics, resulting in quick turnaround times for deliveries. We are the direct importer for all of our batteries, and we pass the cost savings onto our clients. 

  • Our products are reputable and trustworthy and found in various applications, especially emergency lighting fittings. All our products follow stringent quality control tests to ensure that our products are compliant with the necessary certifications.

  • Our partnership with our supplier in China enables us to tend to projects of all sizes. Ranging from one unit to one hundred pallets, we can assist with whatever quantity you require. Our supplier has the capacity to produce seven hundred thousand cells daily, so rest assured we can fulfil your needs.

Why Trust JB Battery Regarding Emergency Light Battery Replacement

Our twenty years’ industry experience has allowed us to understand each client’s unique requirements and over-deliver on our promises. Our batteries are tested in the most extreme conditions to ensure high quality output, and our prices are extremely competitive. We only stock certified products of a worldwide standard, ensuring that we maintain current regulations.

Our wide range of products ensure that we cater for all emergency lighting applications, and our knowledgeable staff offer reliable advice and suggestions to suit your requirements. Our operations continue to expand and are moving into a greener and more sustainable product offering. 

For more information on our emergency light batteries, email or call us at your earliest convenience.