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Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries are fast becoming the battery technology of choice for most applications, as it provides many benefits over previous types of battery technology.

  • Lighter than other rechargeable batteries for a given capacity

  • Li-ion chemistry delivers a high open-circuit voltage

  • Low self-discharge rate (about 1.5% per month)

  • Do not suffer from battery memory effect

  • Environmental benefits: recyclable and non toxic chemical

Of all the types of Li-ion, LiFePO4 (lithium Iron Phosphate) is the most safe and most reliable; which is the perfect match to replace the old and toxic Lead Acid batteries. LiFePO4 battery packs provide a more energy-dense and energy-efficient battery chemistry over the traditional lead acid batteries.

Areas where LiFePO4 can replace SLA batteries:

  • Alarm systems

  • NBN Boxes

  • Communication equipment

  • Control equipment

  • Toys

  • Cable television

  • Electronic cash registers

  • Electronic test equipment

  • Electric powered bicycle and wheelchairs

  • Emergency lighting systems

  • Fire and security systems

  • Geophysical equipment

  • Marine equipment

  • Medical equipment

  • Microprocessor based office machines

  • Portable cine & video lights

  • Solar powered systems

  • Telecommunication systems

  • Television& video recorders

  • UPS

  • Vending machines